Health is an

Jonge vrouw lacht naar vrouw in rolstoel

What do we do?

We invest in Health!

CAREvolution focusses on the development of innovative services to improve health and wellbeing.

We launch own initiatives resulting from our R&D and support initiatives from others as a strategic investor, in seed and early stage.

Initiatives should have a positive impact on the quality and cost structure of our health system, and at the same time improve the user experience.

Our focus domains

First up


Solutions allowing people to stay longer at home and to enjoy life in their cherished and familiar environment.

First up

Healthier living

Solutions allowing individuals to be a proactive actor in managing their health and changing their health habits.

First up

Prevention in work context

Solutions allowing employers to take better care of the health and wellbeing of their employees.


CAREvolution is an initiative of the Health Insurance Funds Helan and Partenamut to facilitate and support the development of innovative solutions in health, wellbeing and personal comfort.


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